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Document archiving

Document archiving...

... digital & legally compliant

The number of documents in companies knows hardly any limits: New data is added every day. Data is either created by the company itself or enters the company from outside. into the company. For example, we receive contracts, article lists, emails, invoices, delivery documents or receipts. And this happens both in paper form and digitally. DDS Archive helps enormously to manage this "flood of documents".

Scope of functions

  • Full text search
  • OCR recognition
  • Automatic classification of documents
  • Batch scanning
  • Automatic import of documents
  • Access control to documents (Privacy…)


  • · Logistik 23.06.2023

    DKV Mobility is further expanding its digital services for the DKV Box

    DKV Mobility is further expanding its digital services for the DKV Box: Not only is it possible to use it for the billing of 16 European toll systems, but recently also via the telematics function DKV Live, digital fuel management, GPS vehicle location and route planning.

  • · Data protection 23.06.2023

    Windows10 security updates

    As of now, Windows10 has only one version that will continue to receive security updates (22H2). We recommend all Windows 10 users to check their installed version and update if necessary.

  • · Logistics 29.05.2023

    New features in DDS WebConnect online

    Notification of orders, several GGVS forms for one load position, statistics. New features in your customer portal are online.

  • · DDS 07.07.2023

    DDS research project in the field of AI + BMBF

    Dragon Data Solutions was already commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with a research project in the field of AI in 2020. Now we are also allowed to "decorate" our services with the BSFZ-Seal.

  • · Data protection 04.08.2023

    Top GDPR fines in July

    • 40.000.000 € Criteo (French) - Personalized advertising through analysis of navigation data
    • 2.500.000 € EUROPEN BANK, SA (Spain) - Evidence can only be submitted by e-mail
    • 1.016.475 € Tele2 Sverige Aktiebolag (Sweden) - Use of Google Analytics without consent
    • 50.000 € German mail order company (Germany) - Sending an e-mail newsletter without an unsubscribe option

  • · Data protection 26.05.2023

    Whistleblower Protection Act - What companies must do now:

    Above all, companies with usually more than 50 employees are affected by the Whistleblower Protection Act ("HinSchG"). They will have to set up and operate internal whistleblowing units as of the entry into force in June 2023.


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emerged from NWS GmbH (Laufach) we are a software company specialising in the development of logistics software. With our many years of experience in the logistics and IT security industry, we have an efficient answer to today's and tomorrow's requirements. In addition to the classic use of software, the services of Dragon Data Solutions GmbH also include the provision of a complete and secure IT infrastructure for transport service providers in the cloud.
Consulting services relating to data protection and the secure operation of an IT system are just as much a part of the portfolio of Dragon Data Solutions GmbH as specialised and individual consulting services relating to the integration of IT in logistics. as well as specialised and individual consulting services for the integration of IT in logistics.


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How does data get into the archive ?

The document management system (DMS) "DDS Archive" allows seamless integration into all MS Office programs and all products of the DDS logistics platform. of the DDS logistics platform. In addition, scanned documents (PDFs) can be automatically imported and categorised via different paths.

Why artificial intelligence (AI) in DDS Archive?

DDS Archive can automatically categorise and archive documents. However, since many documents are hardly standardised (e.g. incoming invoices) the AI module in DDS Archive allows machine learning of all variations of a document type - regardless of language or formatting.

How do I find my data in DDS Archive ?

Each recorded document is available for search as a full text after it has been recorded. In this way, it is also possible to search for individual keywords within a document. within a document. In addition, processes can be organised in "process folders". For example, if you want information on a consignment number or a file number, DDS Archive displays the entire case as a virtual "case folder" on your screen.

Can DDS Archive be used individually ?

Absolutely. DDS Archive is fully usable without integration into the DDS Logistics modules. The integration into MS Office programmes such as Outlook, Word and Excel, it also quickly becomes an indispensable aid in everyday business processes for researching data and entire processes. of data and entire processes.